Consent to personal data processing

By registering on the Startup.Network Internet portal, regardless of the purpose of such registration, I grant my consent to processing (namely: collection, accumulation, systematization, preservation, clarification, use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking, destruction) my personal data is Startup Professional Network Inc. (EIN: 47-4450330; 1201 Orange Street, Suite 600 in the City of Wilmington, County of New Castle, Delaware, 19899) hereinafter also referred to as "the Controller of Personal Data" and appoint the Controller of Personal Data, if necessary, to publish my data in full or in part, in accordance with current rules of using the Internet portal  "Startup.Network".

Personal data are deemed data or accumulation of data about an individual who is identified or can be specifically identified. The personal data are received from the user during the registration on the Internet portal "Startup.Network", depending on the purposes of such registration, may include: surname, first name, patronymic, contact phone, location, e-mail address, education, work experience, photos, personal video messages, other user data that he/she deems appropriate to specify.

The purpose of collecting and processing personal data of the users of the Internet portal "Startup.Network" is to ensure the provision of quality services to users of the Internet portal in the field of venture investments, depending on the purpose of their registration.

Personal data will be processed only at the time of their use for the purpose of the Internet portal "Startup.Network" and may be impersonal or destroyed in cases stipulated by the anticipated conditions of using the Internet portal "Startup.Network", the relevant regulations, as well as the legislation of Ukraine and the European Union, including a statement sent by the subject to the Controller of Personal Data with the help of follow-up form.

By giving this consent, I confirm that I am responsible for the accuracy and veracity of my personal data, indicated during registration on the Internet portal, their timely updating.

I am warned that the Controller of the personal data has the right to grant access and transfer my personal data to third parties without any additional messages, without changing the purpose of processing them.

I agree that my contact information can be used as a contact information on public Internet portal "Startup.Network".

I confirm that I am acquainted and agree that as a subject of personal data I have the following rights:

1) right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;

The recall consent to the processing of personal data renders the using of services of the Internet portal "Startup.Network" impossible and implies deletion of the account. In case of deletion of the account some user’s data remain unchanged on the system of Startup. Network in an impersonal way that disables the user’s identification.

2) right to appeal a letter to any regulator in case of user’s infringement as a subject of personal data.

3) right to access personal data which are collected by "Startup.Network";

A user has right to receive from the Controller of personal data confirmation of processing of his/her personal data and therefore unhampered access to personal data and information about their processing.

4) right to alteration personal data on the Internet portal "Startup.Network";

A user can modify personal data independently on his/her account in case of inaccuracy or irrelevance of personal data.

5) right to obliteration

Depending on individual cases, a user has a right to delete his/her personal data that were given to "Startup. Network". The ground for this action can withdraw the personal data processing, deficiency of need in which the personal data is processed, etc. In case of deletion of the account, some user’s data remain unchanged on the system of Startup. Network in an impersonal way that disables the user’s identification.  

6) right to limit personal data processing;

In acquit cases the user can ask the Controller of personal data processing to limit his/her personal data. It is possible in case of illegal processing and a user is against deletion of personal data and requests to limit their usage; a user litigates the accuracy of personal data and sends a request to limit the processing temporarily, etc.

7) right to object against personal data processing;

The objection against personal data processing renders using of the Internet portal "Startup.Network" impossible.

8) right to be protected from automated decision that has legal consequences for a user;

Decisions that lead legal consequences for the user of the Internet platform "Startup.Network" are made only with user’s active termination.

9) right for mobility of personal data;

A user has a right to receive connected with him/her personal data in structural, regularly used, and machine-readable way. The user has the right to convey these data to another Controller of personal data.

If there are questions or difficulties concerning the usage of the Internet portal "Startup.Network" as well as an implementation of rights of the subject of personal data, you can contact us with the help of follow-up form.